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Originally created as a one-off tie-in series by Sims Broadcasting System in association with the SBS's Comic Relief charity telethon, Celebrity Sim Brother is now a specialty spin-off of American version of Sim Brother, shown on Sims Broadcasting System or their website (on one day delay), backed up with email and SMS text news reports to subscribers. The series is usual broadcast in mid-winter. The series features a number of celebrity contestants living in the Sim Brother House, trying to avoid eviction by the public with the aim of winning a large cash prize to be donated to the winner's nominated charity at the end of the run. The show uses the same house and presenters as the non-celebrity version of the most recent series, but the time length is shorter than a normal Big Brother UK series. The celebrities are normally paid for their appearances, on the proviso that they don't voluntarily leave.


The first Celebrity Sim Brother was aired nightly on Sims Broadcasting System with the finale broadcast live on SBS One on Comic Relief night in 2011. Subsequent Celebrity Sim Brothers have not involved the SBS or Comic Relief in any way, and the charities involved are given far less publicity than in the first series.



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