City Girl


Drama / Soap Opera

Current Cast

Blanche Devereaux

Run Time

42 to 48 minutes (excluding commercials)

Original Channel

Sims Broadcasting System

Original Run

Fall 2011



The forthcoming drama / soap opera show centers around a newcomer to the city. It was reveiled in a press release that Blanche Devereaux is the lead character in the series and she is high society class mind.


The show centers around a city slicker young adult woman who moved away from the busy SimNation city life to a slow paced life in the suburban life. On April 7, 2011, Sims Broadcasting System agreed to pick up the series and production started shortly thereafter. The main character is tentatively called Blanche Devereaux who moves into Riverview.

In an exerpt release to the public, the main focus is a young adult trying to make it in the suburb. On May 31, 2011, Blanche Devereaux is the lead character in the series and she is labelled as high society person. The series will be filmed in Sunset Valley in the first season but the executive producer claims that the scenenary wmay change after the first season. Production immeadately began after the first published report was printed and made public by Sims Broadcasting System shortly ther after. Currently the number of shows in the first season is being the uncertain at this point but it is slated to air eight episodes begining September 2011.