Rhoda Bagley
File:Rhoda Bagley.png
Hi! My name is Rhoda Bagley!
Name Rhoda Bagley
Gender Female

Bagley Family
Parents Sam Bagley Deceased and Ma Bagley
Sibling(s) Sherman Bagley Younger brother
Marital status Single

Life stage Template:Checkmns
Life state Template:Checkmns

Athletic, Hot-Headed, Kleptomaniac, Brave, Daredevil

Lifetime wish Become a Master Thief
Favorite music Indie
Favorite food Cookies
Favorite color Blue
Economic status Rich

Playability Playable
Neighborhood Template:Checkmns



Rhoda Bagley is the daughter of the Bagley family's matriarch, Ma. Residing in the town of Riverview, she works in the criminal career track, as a Bagwoman, and she wants to reach the top of that career following the steps of her mother. We learn that this family is specialized in the theft of pieces of all kinds and Ma Bagley seems to organize all the operations, and previously along with Sam Bagley, Rhoda's deceased father. Impressively Rhoda and Ma dislike each other, and Ma is good friends with her son, who is getting away from Criminal dealings, which is something the family does not approve but however Ma remains her relationship with him. Rhoda's family also seems to be rich, most likely due to their illegal dealings. She has 1 point in logic, 2 in handiness and 5 in athletic skill, though she must increase it to level 8 to get a promotion.