For Suburb, see City and Neighborhood.

A suburb is a community within a city. Many suburbs does make up a cities, towns, and metropolises.

List of suburbs

SimNation suburbs

Barnacle Bay

Main article: Barnacle Bay


Hidden Springs

Magic Town

Neighborhood 1

Neighborhood 2

Neighborhood 3

Neighborhood 4

Neighborhood 5

Neighborhood 6

Neighborhood 7

Neighborhood 8

Old Town


Main article: Riverview

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Studio Town

Sunset Valley

Main article: Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley is the base game that came with The Sims 3. Two optional, downloadable neighborhoods, entitled Riverview (which is available on the purchase of The Sims 3) and Barnacle Bay (which is worth $16.50 (USD) in The Sims 3 store).


Main article: Twinbrook

Twinbrook came with The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack.