Twinbrook is a town which shipped with The Sims 3: Ambitions.

In its heyday, Twinbrook was a small industrial town at the mouth of the Simislaus creeks. Years later, the dam was built and it changed everything for the town. Now with an influx of professionals, artists, and inventors living around the Sim-made lake, Twinbrook is experiencing a rebirth. How will life in this eclectic community turn out?[1]


Grant Rodiek first mentioned Twinbrook in an interview, saying;

"The town of Twinbrook is absolutely beautiful and designed specifically for players. You will clearly see how our world-designing team has improved when you discover Twinbrook."[1]

Twinbrook stresses the new professions and skills introduced in Ambitions, such as the Stylist profession or Inventing skill.


Twinbrook is from a real life California place.

Twinbrook is situated on a bayou (swamp), with many bridges and may be in the state of Simisouri (according to DeAndre Wolf's bio). Much of the town is designed in a French style like many bayou towns. For example, the town library is a classic French design with two porticos, one at both entrances.

According to a Gamespot hands-on, Twinbrook 'is a fictitious bayou town not unlike a backwoods suburb of Louisiana.'[2] Players who attended the UK hands on event reported that Twinbrook 'is a huge new town, which had been flooded, and is now half-swamp half-town. The swampy areas are very dank and misty. The other side of Twinbrook has brand new shops such as the laundromat, The tattoo parlor and stylist shop and much more. I really enjoyed having a look around Twinbrook, and the place looks really great.' They've also re-done most of the rabbit holes, such as the diner.'[3] It may be assumed that Simslaus Creek references Stanislaus County, a county located in California, or the Stanislaus River located in said county.


Official logo of The Sims 3.

Interestingly, all the premade deceased Sims in Twinbrook are pale green if resurrected. They also have gray hair and are all barefoot. In this post on, SimGuruLily says that this was intentional, but does not say what the intent was. It is very possible that this is a reference to classic comic book supervillian Solomon Grundy, who was resurrected after being "buried" in a swamp, emerging as a green-skinned, white-haired, bare-footed demi-zombie.


Official item of The Sims 3.

An interesting fact about this town is that it has a lot of rich people like the Whelohffs, Pidgins, Knacks, and the Bakers. Most of these rich people have larger houses than Sunset Valley and Riverview rich families, and most families in Twinbrook start with §5000 or §10,000 in cash, while in the other neighborhood almost all families start with around §1000 in cash. So Twinbrook is, so far, one of the richest neighborhoods in the game, after Bridgeport.

Like all neighborhoods, Twinbrook is technically an island. This fact is hard to discover, but in gameplay go into map view and press tab. This lets you see things that you can't see normally, and gives a view of all of Twinbrook. Unusually, if you follow the river near the Rackets' house, there seem to be buildings which look like skyscrapers. Some people think it is a reference to Bridgeport. The only other world which has this is Champs Les Sims, though it also has the Eiffel Tower.


Residential lots

Community lots


Returning families

Difficulty: 4
Notzo Curious, Bunny Curious, Cherish Curious, Marshall Curious
(Home On The Pasture, 20x30)
In line with Curious family's innate desire to discover the unknown (even when it has negative effects on themselves) have no idea what impact Marshall's current research at the research facility will have on future generations of his family.
Difficulty: 2
Julienne Knack, Pattina Knack, Nick Knack
26 Puddlewick Drive (Phesant Hollow-2br 4ba)
Pattina could never imagine that her artistic skills would take her so far in life. She never thought she would become the owner of a party barn either, but she is. The question is whether she can manage both her illustrious career and family, she never thought she would get?
Difficulty: 3
Zo Whelohff, Rich Whelohff, Rosy Whelohff
36 Puddlewick Drive (Lush Living, 40x40)
The Whelohff family seems to have it all. A big house, nice car and great careers ... many in the neighborhood dream of becoming just like them. But when Rich spend late nights in the lab and Rosy have to maintain their social contacts, who will take care of bringing up of cute and charming Zoe?

New families

Difficulty: 2
Buddy Bailey and Gala Ball
19 Poker Flats Drive (Aquarius Atrium, 20x30)
Buddy Bailey is a painter above all. He loves it with all his heart but he simply can not support himself on an artist's salary. Gala do not think the party should be over just because she finally left school! Will this pair be able to figure out how they can live the life they love and still pay the rent?
Difficulty: 3
Mary Baker, Lincoln Baker, Newton Baker
23 Puddlewick Drive (River Refuge, 40x40)
Mary Baker handles kitchen tools with a skillful hand and cooking skills and techniques in everything from the kitchen at a exclusive restaurants to a barbecue in the backyard. She does it so well that she managed to create a pretty good life for themselves and their two sons. But don't be angry with her, if you don't want to feel a mother's wrath.
Difficulty: 3
Gwayne Bayless, Skeet Bayless, Chase Bayless, Tay Bayless
153 Herschel's Pond Road (Marsh Manson, 40x40)
The origin of the name Bayless has been a bit difficult to trace. Written records (as far as they are legible) up to two generations back was using variations of the suffix "less", "liss' or even 'lies'. The prison records from 1788 have a Philippe Bai l'Est, who was a catfish-thief and 'chronic renegor', but this can not be interpreted as secure evidence.
Difficulty: 1
Marc Brandt
5 Poker Flats Drive (On Deck, 20x30)
Marc is smart enough to succeed in everything he takes on in life ... so he enlisted in the military. The idea of a desk job did not feel as attractive to him, but we'll see how long Marc's creative side can handle the rigidity of the corps. Maybe a profession a little bit more on the artistic side will be better for Marc?
Difficulty: 1
Amy Bull
13 Poker Flats Drive (Starboard Cottage, 20x30)
You don't want to be caught with last year's shoes on your feet in the vicinity of this ultra-hip fashion lion! Amy knows what is happening in her neighborhood and knows one or two things about what's hot. She works part time at the spa to pay the bills, but Amy's dream of becoming a fashion phenomenon is what drives her. Has she got the styling skills needed to succeed?
§55 ,000
Difficulty: 1
Sofia Carlton
47 Earl's Bridge Road (Posy Palace, 40x40)
Many people believe that young Miss Carlton is not interested in anything other than her own good looks and her inheritance fund. It may be true, but deep within herself Sofia wants to be much more than just an heiress ... as long as she can continue to party and be popular. Can she show that the gossip columnists are wrong?
Difficulty: 3
Robert Castor, Beverly Castor, Jeffrey Castor, Thomas Castor
32 Sweetwater Loop (Subdivision Model B, 30x40)
When Bob first analyzed Bevs profile on a dating site he thought she was 'the one'. At the same time the database sent his hesitant smile past the spam filter, right into her hearts inbox. He proposed marriage on their third date, and the rest is history. But can they keep the secret of the 'perfect marriage' for themselves now that the mischievous Jeffrey has begun tinkering with computers. What WILL the neighbors say?
Difficulty: 1
Harwood Clay
1 Poker Flats Drive (Ego Nest, 20x30)
After a tough childhood with one parent who rarely was there for him, Harwood has let all his problems flow into his artworks. At age of 16, Harwood was called a 'child prodigy' by The Sculptors weekly magazine. Now in the twilight of his live, Harwood is trying to keep a low profile in his modest home at the lake. Will his neighbors ever find out who he is?
Difficulty: 1
Molly Coddle
17 Poker Flats Drive (Sea Salt, 20x30)
Molly moved here at a time when she actually did not know what she would do with her life. She had few friends and no job so she began working as a volunteer at the hospital and that's how it is. Now Molly is working full time as an intern and is very happy with her new career ... although she still has few friends. Will she fullfill her dream of becoming a world famous surgeon on her own?
Difficulty: 1
Juan Darer
27 Herring Ranch Road (30x40) (Oddly this lot lacks a name but has a description)
Juan Darer is a man of many secrets .... and talents. When he lost the house in a fire, perhaps caused by one of his many inventions, Juan decided to move into the barn next to the remains of his house. If he's not looking through the scrap in one of the city's scrap yards, he is probably working on his next mad 'art'.
Difficulty: 2
Shamus Drudge and Eva Drudge
9 Catfish Flats Drive (Romance in the Reeds, 30x30)
Shamus and Eve is a traditional couple who has come from afar to create a home here in Twinbrook ... but life here is not quite what they had expected. Although they fulfilled their lifelong dream when they moved here, their new job, new neighbors and new lifestyle has become overwhelming for them. Will their traditional values and habits prevent them from melting in in Twinbrook?
Difficulty: 1
Dudley Racket
12 Catfish Flats Drive (Certified Habitable, 30x30)
'Little wimp' Dudley. The memory of the family bullying him still stings. How many years ago was it now? The laughter has toned down but the echo still rings in the ears. A member of the family Racket behind a policeman's badge instead of behind bars? He left that life early on but never got over his fascination in jurisprudence. Who has the last laugh now?
Difficulty: 2
Goodwin Goode and Sinbad Rotter
14 Poker Flats Drive (Dolphin Digs, 20x30)
No-one remembers the story of how Goodwin and Sinbad became roommates, but with different personalities the question is why these two guys still live together an even greater mystery. But fate seems to have ensured that Goodwin will soon end up in trouble ... trouble that only Sinbad can help him with.
Jade Greenwood, Emerald Greenwood, Oliver Greenwood, Holly Greenwood
40 Sweetwater Loop (Eco Home, 20x30)
Ever since their first child Jade was born, Holly and Oliver have tried to support the family in the greenest and carbon-neutral way as possible. Jade and Emerald have seen up to their parents in everything from eating healthy to ride a bike instead of taking the car. But one day their children might be teased at school for its eco-friendly lifestyle. What should they do?
Difficulty: 2
Justin Kayes, Wei Keane, Lang Gwydd
332 Rue de Sterling (Greek Revival, 20x30)
Meet the U83R El33t D00Dz! (zzz.U3Dz.sim) Justin "Smack Pod" Kayes' highly creative play has made him the most popular TarzWar player in history. Wei "Warz Lordz" Keane's sinister trapping style of play and curious outbursts make him a crowd favorite at every TWCon e-tour match-up. Then there's Lang "BlizzEgo" Gwydd. Statistically, he's the best player in history with excellent macroage and the official coach of the Clan -=U3DZ=-.KAFTW GUYZ!!!
Difficulty: 2
Kat Hunter, Buck Green
50 Sweetwater Loop (Sassy Pillars, 30x30)
Who says love is age-bound? This doesn't apply to Kat and Buck! Despite their considerable age difference, embarrassment when they are out in public and some misunderstandings between generations, this pair could not be happier. But will the love stay if Buck's professional sports career give him fame and wealth?
Difficulty: 2
Lenny Smith-Jones, Renee William-Brown, Jenni Jones-Brown
4 Poker Flats Drive (Lakeside Perch, 30x20)
The family Jones-Brown-Williams has seen better days ... but bad times may be a chance for things to get better? Despite her young age and parents' constant fights Jenni thinks it will be exciting to be a mother! How will her pregnancy develope and will the child's father support her?
Milly Pidgin, Dilly Pidgin
16 Wandering Heights Road (Pidgin Roost, 60x60)
From the day Dilly was born Milly was hoping that her daughter would grow up to be just like her. She could never imagine HOW much though! This crazy eccentric mother-daughter combination has been through a lot together ...But can their relationship survive the new romantic interest that the city offer?
Difficulty: 3
Phoenix Prudence, Parker Prudence, Pansy Prudence
156 Savannah Lane (No Frills Villa, 30x40)
In his younger days this single father had a promising career in law and order .. but when his two children came into the world, and he became the sole provider, things changed a lot. Will he be able to raise healthy children and support his family on a teacher's salary?
Max Racket, Marigold Racket, Bill Racket, Dennis Racket, Silver Racket, Shark Racket, Lolly Racket
53 Puddlewick Road (The Bloc, 60x60)
Are personality disorders hereditary? Dennis made a mistake and gave him the finger. The old man took the whole hand. Now the old swindlers take, trick and deceive for all its worth. The 'wandering freak' Bill embezzle while the teenagers are begging for attention in the dark, ignored. How long can the attack on mental health last? Will Silvers hijacked years and stolen beauty ever feel the bittersweet revenge? Little Lolly may be this family's final hope for salvation.
Difficulty: 1
Anna-Liza Riddle
338 Rue de Sterling (Bygone Charm, 20x30)
Murder ... mysteries ... excitement! Anna-Liza is a champion in this classic literature genre. But how did she become so good at writing sinister fiction? The well-liked lady Riddle has a taste for the increasingly deadly, unhealthy and gloomy things in life... but it's only thoughts in her head.
Difficulty: 2
Blaise Kindle and Alma Drill
24 Sweetwater Loop (Midsummer Eves, 30x40)
Blaise and Alma are new roommates, but they have been close friends for a long time. Alma likes her career in education but Blaise would like to start working with the local fire department. Will their friendship be strengthened by the fact that they are living together or will it lead to things they never could have expected?
Difficulty: 2
Bobby Sargeant, Scout Sargeant
336 Rue de Sterling
Fast car chases, encounters with notorious criminals and dangerous missions is commonplace for this crime investigative duo. With their combined skills to military and civilian law enforcement, Bobby and Scout never have a dull moment when they get their heads together to combat the cruel injustice. But will it be enough to save the world?
Difficulty: 2
Clark Peddler and Penny Pincher
64 Westlake Drive (Portico Model One, 20x30)
For Clark and Penny is all about Simoleans. Despite the deterioration in their day job, it is no secret that Clark is always trying to make a scoop. He always sells and buys things to and from people, in an attempt to make a profit. The question is whether Penny should remain with him long enough to become rich?
DeAndre Wolf
33 Puddlewick Drive (Rock Cabin 60x60)
Many rock stars reach their peak without knowing it and and then continues in a downward spiral well into old age. DeAndre Wolfe has come far since his childhood in Simisouris delta, but has he peaked yet? It's hard to say. Will his star continue to shine strongly, or will it burn out?

Homeless Sims

These Sims are premade, but homeless when Twinbrook is first loaded.

Tim Burre - Unemployed and homeless.
Shyla Curtis - Unemployed and homeless.
Doug Downey - Unemployed and homeless.
Des Eyre - Unemployed and homeless.
Lucy Ferne - Unemployed and homeless.
Terry A. Keyes - Unemployed and homeless.
Charmaine Manne - Unemployed and homeless.
Betty Wills - Unemployed and homeless.
Cho Sonwhun- Unemployed and homeless.
Alistair Pine - Unemployed and homeless.
Preston Daley - Newspaper Delivery boy
Dee Liver - Newspaper Delivery girl
Abel Bodey - Babysitter
Kay Pebble - Babysitter
Ty Dee - Maid
Anne T. Septik - Maid
Nick Zit - Burglar
Cat Stielburg - Burglar
Mark Stamp - Mailman
Catalia Poste - Mailwoman
Bill Copperfield - Police officier
Dee Tex - Police officier
Andy Plumber - Repairman
Maggie Net - Repairwoman
Matt Schtick - Firefighter
Bernadette Sprinkle - Firefighter
Al Lyffe - Social Worker
Cary Smattick - Social Worker
Ellie Gante - Social Worker
Sue Perfeisser - Social Worker
Carl Zoni - Pizza Delivery guy
Mozzy Weller - Pizza Delivery girl
Ree Treave - Repo-man
Colette Dette - Repo-Woman
Dai Sekt - Science geek
Mollie Kewell - Science geek

Deceased Sims


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