Hello and welcome to my blog. First off, this is for the administrators and maintenance crew members and the latter half is the details about what this is all about.

First off, the The Sims Project has grown some and we need to capitalize this and recruit more contributors and team members. So, I am suggesting a Administration Team and Maintenance Crew Team Conference this March 2011 to make a Project Charter. This Project Charter is a way to iron out any misconceptions and other misleading things about this site. So, Administrators and Maintenance Crew Members, go to Microsoft and download the Project Charter for Word and create your very own Project Charter and upload them to out Google Docs for others to read and make suggestions to your Project Charter.

Secondly, when the Conference comes, we will need someone to make a timeline for our meeting. Such as, Project Charter amendments, rules, policies, awards, and all things that we need to cover in this conference meeting. I will host this conference call on Skype and I will send out an invite when it is time to have the conference call meeting.

Thirdly, I see that we have very few contributors, so, I am asking everyone in leadership role to come up with some ideas to entice those to come and help out.