This past winter, around February 14th, 2011, was our first ever Conference Call and we made some agreements about this site. First off, we took a look at Task Forces to better serve the site and recently, the Task Forces was activated to everyone to join, create, and/or see what Task Forces are going on here. This is an area of service that the site can be helped by the community. The community-wide service would help the structure of the article, grammar, punctuations, fairness of the point of view, and other things in the middle. Secondly, we took a look at our community service project to promote the site to other wiki's and other sites that deals with The Sims Brand and so far we are going to look at this more closely at the next meeting because the staff thought it would be fair that everyone should be able to make a few suggestions and ideas on what to do on this. Thirdly, we took a look at the pending affiliations and see that it would be best to resubmit the claims and have a time-frame of the old requests to June 30, 2011 before we cancel all old requests and the new requests are thirty (30) days from the request date. This ensures that we will have a fair fight on the battlefield that we are not going to take any low class requests (such as repeated requests to to be affiliates or long time to respond to our requests) and we would be swift on the case. Fourthly, we took a measures on the rules and punishments to this sites needs. Meaning as, we will start in the next meeting make some rules (and standards) and punishments for violators. And lastly, we are working on some changes for the future of the site and we are going to do more discussions about it in the next few meetings. In closing, we are going to start off with four meetings a year until we have things settled to our likings. If you have any suggestions or comments, please post them here.